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Advertise Rental Property For Free

Advertise Rental Property For Free

American Homes Online is a unique OPEN real estate platform, where Realtors and FSBO (For Sale by Owners) may advertise rental property for free. (FREE 90 Day Trial Period) In addition, buyers, renters, and sellers may click “Agent Finder” to find an agent who would be most knowledgeable of the neighborhood, schools, and amenities within, since they are neighbors of the community. Buyers and...

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How Do I Get Real Estate Leads?

How do I get real estate leads? The best way to get leads is by advertising your talents, specialties, and experience.  The 2nd way is to market your properties through the American Homes Online interface, onto your social media platforms. This will give you the professional appearance that your listing deserves, including but not limited to analytics. As an agent or even an owner (AKA FSBO),...

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