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For Sale
  • Residential
$ 449,000
61-20 Grand Central Parkway, Forest Hills, NY, USA
For Sale
  • Residential
$ 499,999
61-20 Grand Central Parkway, Forest Hills, NY, USA
For Sale
  • Residential
$ 359,999
105-15 66th Rd, Forest Hills, NY, USA

Upon uploading a property, Realtors and owners can instantly share their property to their Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest account.

This will ensure additional maximum exposure to get more buyers and/or renters leads.  Although networking from previous transactions is imperative to a Realtors longevity, it is extremely important to use the maximum amount of advertising medium channels.  Repetition is the key. Just look at Zillow homes for sale or even Zillow rentals.  However, when it comes to self-promoting listing ability or Free Face Time, your #1 choice is American Homes Online. is a unique OPEN real estate platform, where Realtors and FSBO (For Sale by Owners) may advertise their properties for FREE.  

In addition, buyers and renters may click “Agent Finder” to find an agent who would be most knowledgeable of the neighborhood, schools, and amenities within, since they are neighbors of the community.  Wondering if there are any apartments for rent near me, homes for rent near me or even homes for sale near me.  Buyers and renters may search by location, including but not limited to, city, state, zip code and by street name.  In addition, those agents would have minimal traveling time since they live in the area and would be able to show the property on a moment’s notice.

Unlike our competitors, realtors will no longer have to pay for advertising/marketing space.  Realtors do not have to pay to advertise their services. Realtors receive FREE FACETIME. 

After the FREE 7-day trial is over, owners and realtors may use the platform to sell or even rent their property for a nominal fee.  Currently all realtors can advertise their services indefinitely.  Weekly reminders will be text and/or emailed reminding the owner/realtor as to the status of the property.  As a result, the property may be taken off the market.

The site is 100% free to all buyers and renters.


American Homes Online has no limitations with respect to the areas it covers. From the east coast New York (NYC), New Jersey (NJ), Connecticut (CT), Florida (FL), Texas (TX), Arizona (AZ), California (CA), Nevada (NV) all the way down to the west coast, without limitations.


Personal Intelligent Agent

 Prior to 2000, consumers relied heavily on local realtors to assist them with housing accommodations.  As time has evolved, more consumers have relied on the Internet, along with 3 party providers for property listings and their information, respectively.  Hence, the birth of Zillow homes for sale and Zillow rentals.  Through discovery, it was evident that creating a methodology by allocating real estate services through an agent’s geographic location, provides reliable data along with an efficient on call service.

          When agents were going to show properties outside the area of their expertise or residence, they simply lacked the knowledge about the community, neighborhood, and schools within the defined area.  Implementing technological advancements into allocating the closest agents based on consumers interest would provide great benefits to local agents who not only would be able to receive leads, but also provide consumers with the “Professional Real Estate Guidance” they deserved, a.k.a. “The Personal Intelligent Agent” concept.

Search Engine Traffic

The name of the game is receiving the most traffic to your property.  That is our primary goal at American Homes Online. Our focus is on maximizing full exposure of your property listing through your social media platforms.  At the same time increasing your property rankings.  When searching for properties on line, have you ever noticed the following, homes for sale near me, homes for rent near me or even apartments for rent near me.  The search engines are already geared to allocating properties within your geographic location.

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