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American Homes Online is a real estate platform that connects buyers, sellers & renters to their own “Personal Intelligent Agent” that provides 100% accurate property information.

Company Overview

AMERICAN HOMES ONLINE INC. is a unique establishment like no other. The Company knows that a high level of efficiency, customer service & complete satisfaction is the number one priority of its business. A patented pending platform has been created, where Buyers, Sellers & Renters are connected with the closest “Personal Intelligent Agent”. When a consumer chooses to rent, buy or even sell their property, they are instantly contacted via text, email & landline. Local agents have 100% accurate property data since they are local.
(WE DO NOT RELY ON 3RD PARTY WEBSITES FOR THEIR DATA.) Unfortunately 3rd party websites are inaccurate since the general public has the ability to upload information which may be inaccurate or eventually no longer available. Our “Personal Intelligent Agents” have the ability to streamline all your requirements directly to you hassle free. They have more knowledge of neighboring homes, as well as the community & amenities within. Consumers can now get 100% accurate property information & the professional real estate guidance they deserve, since our unique platform is designed to bridge consumers with agents based on their geographic location.

AMERICAN HOMES ONLINE INC. goal is to act in the highest and best interest of our consumers. From all of us at AMERICAN HOMES ONLINE INC., we thank you for visiting us.

Happy house hunting.

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