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New York Real Estate Fees: How to Save Money When Selling Your Home

Flat fee mls listings.  Real estate agent fees can eat up your profits when selling a home—if you don’t use a real estate agency like American Homes Online. With a $0 listing commission and flat fee mls listing on the sale of your home, you’ll know what to expect when it comes to real estate agent fees associated with selling your New York home. 

New York Real Estate Commission Savings Calculator

Flat Fee MLS Listings

With the American Homes Online Savings Calculator, you can easily see your savings based on the adjusted flat fee mls listing for any priced home. So, you can take the guesswork out of selling your home by knowing what real estate fees you’ll need to pay in advance.

Sellers simply input their asking price. Then, the calculator automatically calculates the  average savings at closing.

Yes. It’s that easy.

Why American Homes Online is the Best New York Real Estate Agency

American Homes Online is the best choice when it comes time to sell your New York property. Why not use an MBA graduate with a concentration in marketing with 25+ years of real estate experience?

Avoid hiring unreliable and inexperienced real estate agents new to the industry by choosing American Homes Online. We’ll use our decades of experience to provide high-quality services, like:

  • 0% listing commission
  • Flat real estate fees
  • Long Island flat fee services
  • Queens flat fee services
  • Professional photography and videography
  • Custom floor plans
  • Email marketing campaigns

You’ll see your home beautifully listed on Google, Zillow,, and popular social media platforms. And remember, there’s a 0% listing commission for these services.

Best Flat Fee MLS Listing Service

With the American Homes Online Savings Calculator, you will pay the flat fee mls listing when you list your home.  Above all, you’ll save thousands of dollars. It’s no fun to wonder what the real estate commission in New York will be—so don’t.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to save thousands of dollars when selling their home by choosing the best real estate agents in New York? It’s a no-brainer.


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