How Do I Get Real Estate Leads?

How do I get real estate leads?  The best way to get leads is to utilize social networking sites.  Advertising your talents is one way.  The 2nd way is to market your properties through the American Homes Online interface, onto your social media platforms. This will give you the professional appearance that your listing deserves, including but not limited to analytics.

As an agent or even an owner (AKA FSBO), the American Homes Online platform provides for FREE FACETIME.  Agents may simply create their own profile, which includes their location, that is it.  So, when buyers, renters, and sellers click “Agent Finder” to find an agent within their parameters those specific agents would be displayed.  It would be those agents who would be most knowledgeable of the neighborhood, schools, and amenities within since they are neighbors of the community. In addition, those agents would have minimal traveling time since they live in the area and would be able to show the property on a moment’s notice.

Unlike our competitors, such as Zillow or Trulia Realtors will no longer have to pay for advertising/marketing space.  Realtors do not have to pay for advertising their services. 

Owners and realtors may use the platform to rent or even sell their property for as little as .65 cents per week.  A text and email will be sent, reminding the owner/realtor as to whether the property has been rented or sold.  Properties will then be taken off the market.

The platform also utilizes social media sites.   Users may instantly share the property through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even LinkedIn platforms once it has been uploaded to their profile.

The Bottom Line.

  1. Consumers get accurate data and local agents in real time
  2. Realtors/FSBO receive “FREE FACETIME”
  3. FSBO and realtors can instantly upload their properties to social media sites.

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