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If you are in the market for apartments for rent near me or home rentals, we have got you covered. AmericanHomesOnLine.com is a 100% unique national real estate platform. It was designed to offer direct real estate services to the consumer. If you are in the market for apartment rentals for the first time or even looking for a home rental, simply fill in the “Property Intake Form”. That’s it.

We recognize many people may be stressed out with their own work and lives. Wouldn’t it be great to have your own “Personal Realtor”? A professional that could cross all your T’s and dot all yours I’s. Whether you’re a home buyer or even renter, American Homes Online is here to help. Our team members will carefully evaluate your desired requirements and match it up with existing inventory on the market. Selected properties will be sent to your email for approval. Get the “Professional Real Estate Guidance” that you deserve. It’s that simple.

Sell Your Home
Sell Your Home Fast

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American Homes Online has only 1 task.  That is to make sure you get the “Professional Real Estate Guidance” that you deserve.  Therefore, based on your “Buyers Property Intake Form” your specific requirements will be matched up with an apartments for rent specific features.  

One of the agents or owners will contact you to schedule a showing at your convenience.

The key for our success is marketing, networking & developing relationships. It is the core of who we are and what we stand for..   

Hence, these factors mentioned herein, is what makes American Homes Online the #1 best national real estate “Personal Intelligent Agent” platform in America

Apartments For Rent

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Our Experience

American Homes Online is lead by Founder and CEO Burt Klein who has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry.  He is also a St. John’s University graduate and has an MBA in marketing.  I believe, “First Impressions Is Everything”. 

Integrity & Ethics. We treat all our buyers, sellers and renters with the utmost respect, honesty, and loyalty. Transparency is the name of the game.  In addition, our business model is simple, “We Treat You the Same Way, We Would Expect to Be Treated.”  It is called, a relationship. That is something we value highly.

Keeping it simple.  The intake form that we have provided to you, will help us navigate us towards your desired properties of interest.  Therefore, your time is not waisted. Furthermore, this method helps to ensure that we can meet your needs, thus leading to a seamless transaction.

Sell Your Home Fast


I was looking for an investment property. So I came across American Homes Online local Agent Finder Search. I inserted the zip code I was interested in. As luck would have it, the Realtor represented a lender, who led me to an amazing foreclosure. Kudos to American Homes OnLine.
by David Ganz
Real Estate Investor
American Homes Online has been a pleasure to work with. Their website is easy to use, properties are easy to upload, and easily integrates with all my social media accounts. With a click of a button, I can easily upload all my listings to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.
by Naomi Klein
Broker/Owner, Naomi Klein Inc.



If your home requires repairs, contact a licensed contractor/handyman to make those repairs. Thoroughly clean or hire a local cleaning company to clean your property.  Remove any clutter.  If you have a landscaper, make sure all your bushes and trees are trimmed.  Perhaps your property could use a power wash.  This could bring the exterior of your home a fresh new look.

Once completed, then we can send out a professional photographer to take videos and photos of your property and begin marketing .

A pre-sale home inspection is never a bad idea.  Many buyers will be uncomfortable purchasing a home without first having it inspected by an expert. It’s better to face the music and get a pre-sale inspection than it is to go into negotiations blind and end up paying for something you knew should have been checked off the list beforehand.

As a for sale by owner (FSBO) you can hire a licensed appraiser.  Simply type in the google search bar, licensed real estate appraisers near me.  2nd option, is that  you can simply go to Zillow website and browse closed properties. 3rd option is to contact a local realtor.  Need additional resources?  Please contact us at support@americanhomesonline.com

If you are not familiar with the process, we would recommend using a licensed realtor.  However, if you are familiar with the process, then going through the for sale by owner (FSB0) route may save you thousands in commissions..

Either way, utilizing this platform is highly advantageous whether your acting as a realtor or if you are a FSBO.  As stated previously, it would be wise to delegate specific marketing tasks to an independent 3rd party that specializes in real estate seo.

Simply follow the 4 steps above, which will navigate you through the process of marketing your property. 


  1. Do you have an application fee?
  2. Do you have a minimum credit score requirement?
  3. Clarify all the necessary fees prior to move in.
  4. Do you allow pets?
  5. What are the average utility costs in the winter and summer months?
  6. Are there other apartments for rent at this location?
  7. Last but not least,  Is the property available for immediate occupancy?
  1. Your rent is fixed for the duration of your lease.
  2. You don’t have any maintenance costs or repairs.
  3. You don’t have to worry about real estate taxes.
  4. You can simply pick up and relocate after your lease term.
  5. No down payment required.

Bottom line.  You can avoid all the hassles associated with owning a home.  Especially if you don’t reside there for more than 3-4 years.  However, owning a home can be beneficial for homeowners over the long run, due to the amount of equity they acquire in their home.

  1. Decide to acquire pets
  2. Smoke or do illicit drugs.
  3. Decide to renovate or paint the premises.
  4. Pay rent late.



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