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New York Flat Fee MLS

New York Flat Fee MLS

American Homes Online real estate company is now offering all sellers in the New York State area, the opportunity to list their properties for sale with “0% Listing Commission / Flat Fee Listing.  Let’s face it, times have changed.  A penny saved, is a penny earned.  At American Homes Online, we recognize the importance of passing on those commission savings to both buyer and seller, without compromising “The Professional Real Estate Guidance That You Deserve”.  Do we consider ourselves a New York Flat Fee MLS?  The answer is, no.  However, due to the economic challenges we are all facing, it would be to our communities’ best interest to welcome this transition.  We have expanded our New York flat fee mls services to the Queens, Nassau, Suffolk and Manhattan areas, just to name a few.

Traditionally, it would cost a seller 6% to hire a realtor to sell their property.  3% of that would go to the buyer’s agent for consummating the sale.


Other Real Estate Offices:         $500,000 x 3% = $15,000.00 (Listing Fee)

American Homes Online:          $500,000 = $1,750 (Flat Fee)

Savings:                                       $13,250.00

(Flat Fee MLS New York service is based on a sliding scale.  You may email us with any questions or concerns you may have at Support@AmericanHomesOnline.com)

Buyers, sellers, and renters rely heavily on the internet when it comes to property searches.  Especially when it comes to searching for properties, out of state or even out of the country.  Effective advertising must give consumers a unique feeling that they are on, at, or inside the property.  Above all, a place that they could call home.  Moreover, the following outline briefly explains what you receive through our flat-rate MLS listing.  Secondly, please note that our services go above and beyond simply putting your property on the market for sale.  From extravagant photos, videos, and organic google SEO, we are constantly raising the bar and our level of standards.

Flat Fee Services Included

  • Professional photos and video of your property.
  • CMA: Comparable market analysis.  Your home’s value is based on similar sold properties in the neighborhood.
  • We offer all in-house marketing, advertising & organic google SEO results.
  • Your property will be listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). In addition, your property will be advertised on Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, Craigslist, and American Homes Online.com website, just to name a few. (Over 80 Million Monthly Visitors Combined)
  • Realtors will contact you, to show your property, at your convenience.
  • We list co-ops, condos, single-family & multi-family properties.
  • Moreover, we currently service the following areas: Queens, Nassau, Suffolk, Manhattan, Bronx, Rockland, Staten Island, & Westchester Counties.
  • Meanwhile, once a buyer successfully closes on your property, we recommend compensating only 3% to the buyer’s agent. There are approximate, 120,000 realtors in the New York state area.  Let’s use them all.
  • And elaborate website page, which includes the following tabs:
    1. Home: Features the most appealing photo.
    2. Price & Features: Displays price and main description.
    3. Amenities: Displays the address & all the property’s amenities.
    4. Property Description: Description of the property’s characteristics.
    5. Photos: Displays the properties photos, both exterior and interior.
    6. Open House: Opportunity to advertise open houses, by date & time.
    7. Video
    8. Virtual Tour
    9. Floor Plan
    10. Flyer
    11. Mortgage Calculator: Users may calculate their own payments.
    12. Map View: Users may view maps of schools, parks, street view etc.
    13. Request Info: Users will be able to request information in real time.
    14. Agent/Owner: Agents are ready to assist on a moment’s notice.
    15. Share: Anyone can share this website page with their social media.

Above all, American Homes Online  take prides in providing the best services possible.  Part of our Flat Fee MLS New York services entail, following through, until you close on your home.  In addition, we believe in bringing added value and never cutting any corners.

Call us at (917) 494-4050 or Email:  Support@AmericanHomesOnline.com

A portion of the proceeds generated by American Homes Online will be donated to Parkinson Disease Foundation research.

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